Human-Powered Recommendation Algorithm (HPRA): #1

A human-powered recommendation algorithm is an integrated and iterative methodology by which a human makes recommendations to other humans. This HPRA is configured to produce recommendations for content related to cultural projects such as, but not limited to, movies, films, cinematic events, venues, publications, articles, listicles, blogs, videos, books, comic books, graphic novels, places, restaurants, cafes, bars, parks, products, objects and art.


Fifty Shades Freed: A Spoilereview

A spoilereview is a review of a film that purposely gives away all critical plot twists. It’s related to the recap, but with particular attention devoted to the so-bad-they’re-good parts of the spoilereview subject.

Read this if:

  • You want to laugh on the train in a way that that doesn’t make anyone look at you.
  • You have zero percent interest in watching the Fifty Shades movies but you still enjoy hearing about how bad they are.
  • You follow the career of Dakota Johnson because you like Tippie Hedren.
  • You think you might be able to make your fortune writing fanfic.
  • You like spoilers because you’re tired of people on twitter complaining about them.

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