The Good Wife: Season 4 finale

SPOILER: The twist ending was that Alicia opened the door and we discover that she will be betraying Will, not sleeping with him. Which is fine, because I was about to roll my eyes at yet another finale of Will/Alicia drama on election night. But, what I’m thinking is that Alicia’s move with Carey will give her more freedom to hook it up with Will. She won’t be sleeping with her boss anymore.  Instead she’ll be sleeping with (or, more likely, having sexually tense courtroom encounters with) her rival.

The finale brought back a few beloved guest appearances — most notably Martha Plimpton as the eternal mother/heartless attorney and Denis O’Hare as the eccentric judge with the best lines.  As much as I keep watching this show for the story line, I’m really in love with it for its habit of bringing in fun guest actors and writing good roles for them.

As an opportunity to reflect back on this season, what the hell was going on with the Kalinda subplot? Her little tussle with the ex-husband whom she presumably murdered half-way through the season? Are we supposed to have forgotten about that? As a storyline, it was pretty lame, so maybe it’s best if we do forget about it.  This secret past of Kalinda’s that was supposed to have her tied to something incriminating I honestly thought was going to be about her Southeast Asian heritage.  Like she was forced into an arranged marriage that made her do unlawful things to escape. But, it turned out to be not about her race but about some random poor choice she made in the past to marry a criminal.  Because he loved her. Boring! (Though my pitch wasn’t much better. Or any less annoying.)

As for the whole Will thing (will she or won’t she?).  It is wearing thin, although it still works: it’s nice to see the little sparks flickering between them, and the flashbacks to bedroom rendezvous. And, as much as I was finding myself conceding to Peter, admitting that it was probably for the best that Alicia stay with him — you gotta admit, he’s still an asshole.  He’s supposed to be an asshole.  Right?

It was nice, however, that the intrigue of the show got to be about career choice for a little bit instead of love choice.  But just for a little bit, please.